Entry #2

New flash confirmate!

2009-12-03 16:24:03 by Rhay-Tatsuki

I begin to work on a new flash!
I named it "To the top".
You can see a picture of what the flash is going to look like.
And don't worry, the background is not going to be white.

I got a idea for a chrismast flash too.
I will probably do the christmas flash before to finish the flash "To the top".

New flash confirmate!


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2009-12-06 01:06:22

well pm me when it comes out and good luck, yo n peace

Rhay-Tatsuki responds:

Alright, I will do it!^^ and thanks!^^


2009-12-06 22:27:22

Nice! I'm looking forward to it. Though if it's going to have a game/interactive moment in it, try to see if any friends of yours are good at progaming, because the fact that you slid around and died on the first hit was slightly annoying. But if it's a strsight movie, take as much time as you need to get it right! Are any of the characters from your art submissions going to be in it? I would like to see Cliat come to life (that's how it was spelled, right?) And finally, I want to apologize for my cracks about how you type the english language. I hope they didn't offend (doesn't change the fact that there's room for improvement ;) lol). Anyway PM me when it's out! I'll try to give it a high score while it's still under judgement!

Attempting to solve the dilemna of pickles and oranges,


Rhay-Tatsuki responds:

Sure, thanks!^^
And don't worry, I know I'm not the best in english, I'm beter than before but i still make mistake.

About Cliat, i got a great idea for a flash with him.


2009-12-23 11:54:16

MY NEW POST IS UP!!!!! Come check it out! You're in it!


2009-12-24 23:38:43

Hello Rhay, I saw your christmas short, it was nice. ^^
I'm curious of what your next flash will be on, so I hope to see it soon.