New flash confirmate!

2009-12-03 16:24:03 by Rhay-Tatsuki

I begin to work on a new flash!
I named it "To the top".
You can see a picture of what the flash is going to look like.
And don't worry, the background is not going to be white.

I got a idea for a chrismast flash too.
I will probably do the christmas flash before to finish the flash "To the top".

New flash confirmate!

Hi Everyone

2009-11-20 11:58:38 by Rhay-Tatsuki

Finally, I will submit something on newground soon.

I'm working on movie/RPG game .
He going to be deviced in different part.
When I will get more idea for the game, I will make a new post.

I will submit some art too and I have some idea for some short flash.

Have a nice day.

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